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Frites ‘N’ Meats

Highlights: Quality ingredients served with pizzazz and an impressive ordering/payment system.

Lowlights: Can be pricey and the truck can get mobbed, leading to a bit of a wait if you don’t order ahead of time.

I usually try to eat …

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Sweet Chili

Highlights: Surprisingly tasty bean sprout salad.

Lowlights: The jasmine rice served little purpose, and there was too much of it.

We first got a taste of Sweet Chili at the 2013 Vendy Awards, and it was one of the trucks …

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Fresh And Hearty

Highlights: Nice, hearty bites of chicken in the panini. Powerful flavors throughout.

Lowlights: Soup was relatively average.

It seems like nowadays there is an abundance of trucks trying to push the latest in trendy fusion cuisine, serving up crazy takes …

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Souvlaki GR

Highlights: Delicious, well cooked, flavorful souvlaki. Excellent pita.

Lowlights: Pitas are small, and cost $6 each.

As one of the longest-standing food trucks around, Souvlaki GR is doing something right. Between winning the people’s choice Vendy in 2011 to being …

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Steaks & Crepes

Highlights: A well-seasoned old-fashioned cheesesteak. Very tasty.

Lowlights: There were no crepes.

Thank god for Citibike. It has single-handedly allowed me to double my lunchtime food truck radius. Now, if I’m willing to risk life and limb piloting the streets …

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Wafels & Dinges

Highlights: Bacon baked INTO the waffle

Lowlights: Not enough pork, too much slaw.

Wafels & Dinges is one of the most recognizable food trucks in New York. When I first started working in the city consistently, W & D was …

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Schnitzel & Things

Highlights: Original menu options for a food truck.

Lowlights: So little sauce for such a big schnitzel. No one wants a dry schnitzel.

Ever since my first trip to Bavaria I have had a soft spot in my heart for …

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RTT On The Road: Vernalicious (Philadelphia)

Highlights: Powerful and fresh flavors that had me floored.

Lowlights: It’s in Philadelphia!

A recent trip to Philadelphia for the Made in America Festival inadvertently led me to the middle of the Philly food truck scene. Thousands of music aficionados …

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Andy’s Italian Ices

Highlights: Refreshing and tasty; a solid Italian Ice

Lowlights: It’s good, but it’s still not Ralph’s.

As a native Staten Islander, I can count the points of pride I have about my hometown. Three of them are food related; one …
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Miami Food Machine

Highlights: The sides may be the best I’ve had on a food truck

Lowlights: Very few, but the meat was slightly dry without sauce

The old Bongo Brothers truck re-branded earlier this year to the sleeker Miami Food Machine. While …

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