Diso’s Italian Sandwich Society

DiSO’s Deli On-Wheels

Highlights: Meats, Cheeses, Bread. Experience.

Lowlights: Truck Design.

I’m a sucker for a good sandwich. In my opinion, it’s one of the best things you can eat for lunch. There’s nothing like the crunch of a good piece of bread to accompany any assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces you can find in between. It covers all the important cornerstones of lunch in one delicious medium.

I’m also a sucker for a good Italian deli. Watching the workers prepare a home-cooked delicacy while you wait is an tradition that is somewhat lost on our generation. In a time where everything is go-go-go its nice to see people that take their time and effort preparing your food. I’m very pleased to say this was much the case with Diso’s.

Truck/Service: 4/5

My trip to Diso’s had the nostalgic feel of patronizing any great local Italian deli. I was lucky enough to arrive when the staff was just starting to set up shop. The service window opened to reveal a man slicing pieces of fresh mozzarella for the sandwiches. He warmly invited patrons to come in and try a piece as he handed out chunks of the fresh warm cheese. This was an awesome gesture, and was not lost on me. Like I’ve said before regarding service, it’s the little things that make a big difference. The truck, although easy to spot with it’s large red footprint, was probably my least favorite thing about the whole experience. There’s no real logo or anything to differentiate it from a WB Mason delivery truck at a quick glance.

Portion/Presentation: 4/5

I opted for the biggest sandwich option, which was served to me on about a 10 inch piece of Italian bread. While it wasn’t tipping any scales, the quantity was nothing to scoff at. It also wasn’t loaded with meat I was still satisfied with the portion. Presentation was good too. The sandwich was nicely put together and remained a neat meal throughout.

Endless meat and cheese combinations

Endless meat and cheese combinations

Price: 3.25/5

Another great thing about Diso’s was the vast list of sandwich options given to you. A seemingly endless list of meat and cheese combinations are broken down into three price points: Hero (my choice), half, or foccacia half. At eight bucks, the half sandwich is pushing the border of being too expensive for about 5 inches worth of food. I think the clear move is the hero, which could [mostly] last for two meals. Still just a little more than I wanted to pay though.

Salty Heaven

Salty Heaven

Food: 4.5/5

Needless to say at this point I was very excited for this sandwich [aptly named the 'Joey Shakes'] to finally reach my taste buds. As I unwrapped it, my mouth watered in eager anticipation. Then I took the first bite, and it was everything I thought it would be. The bread had that perfect crunch of a fresh Italian bread. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, finished with a light dusting of  flour on top. The meats were beautifully carved paper-thin and came together to form a salty goodness not commonly achieved by other cold cuts. You could tell the ingredients were extremely fresh and obtained that morning, or produced a few hours ago in-truck. The three different cheeses played nicely off the salty flavors of the meat, with the ricotta spread coming through prominently to add a creamy level to the dish. The balsamic and EVOO lent an understated softness to the inside of the bread.Finally, the spicy Italian peppers added the perfect amount of heat without being overwhelming.

After making quick work of the delicious concoction I sat back satisfied and reflected happily. It’s food like this that drew me into the food truck scene in the first place. It’s sandwiches like this that made me start this site . Diso’s deserves your business, I highly recommend stopping there the next time the truck is in your area!





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5 comments on “Diso’s Italian Sandwich Society
  1. Diso says:

    Thank you for the kind words.. You’re welcome for a sit down at our table anytime.

    - The Society

  2. Chris says:

    This shit was AMAZING!!!!!! best truck ever. This review was very accurate.

  3. Adam says:

    $11.50 for a Parma Prosciutto sandwich out of a truck… I’d expect it to be filling and delicious. It was neither. Wanted to try something different, but I can never recommend this place. I will not be a return customer. Service was horrendous. How long does it take three guys to make a sandwich??

    • Adam says:

      Apparently you’ve never bought Proscuitto parama before. Go to an Italian store and buy a pound. Then get back to me.. Cause it’s about $21 per lb. Thanks, have fun at the taco truck. And it takes a while to make a sandwich when each one is made to order, and the line is down the block.

  4. Allison says:

    I went with both the Fat Pete and the Jimmy Shakes. Very tastey and enjoyable. Service is fast and friendly. The only compliants is the lack of meat, toppings, and overall careless craftmanship of the sandwich. The bread overpowers the meat, which should never happen. For what we pay, we should get more meat and toppings. This seems to be an ongoing complaint with many customers. Out of the 3 other people eating infront of me, one mentioned his fat pete had hardly any fresh mozzarella which is the key ingredient we look forward too with the Fat Pete. Another mentioned he was still hungry. MORE MEAT is what we recommend. MORE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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