Fresh And Hearty

Fresh & Hearty's eye-catching truck

Fresh & Hearty’s eye-catching truck

Highlights: Nice, hearty bites of chicken in the panini. Powerful flavors throughout.

Lowlights: Soup was relatively average.

It seems like nowadays there is an abundance of trucks trying to push the latest in trendy fusion cuisine, serving up crazy takes on traditional dishes. Although some of them [like Korilla] do this very well, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you just want a good ole-fashioned sandwich, and maybe a cup of soup on the side. Enter Fresh and Hearty.

Food: 4/5

Although there was a healthy menu of different sandwiches to choose from, my eyes immediately gravitated to the Tex-mex style chicken panini. From the Monterrey-jack cheddar cheese, the grilled onions, all the way to the F&H avocado spread, there was nothing not to like about the sound of this sandwich. It definitely did not disappoint.

A perfectly presented pressed panini

Pretty much every bite I had of this sandwich was a well-crafted, carefully put together marvel. There were big chunks of chicken distributed throughout, and all of the ingredients they listed were noticeable. The roasted peppers lent a tart note which was complimented nicely by the delicious creamy avocado sauce and flecks of cilantro. The bread was also on point. It was toasted nicely and had a big hearty crunch.

The soup was a little less stellar but still pretty good. I opted for the Thai Chicken Red Curry flavor. The soup was definitely what I expected, but something was lacking. There were, again, big bites of chicken and lots of vegetables in every bite. It was hearty, but I was hoping for a bit more of a kick.

Price: 4/5

I was very satisfied with the price options available at F&H. The standard half soup/sandwich combo ran a reasonable seven bucks, with options to mix and match any combination of the three types of food they offered for a dollar more. I actually ended up purchasing a full sandwich and a small soup (I wanted half for dinner) and it still cost me a tidy eleven bucks for a two-mealer. Works for me.

F&H's well organized menu

F&H’s well organized menu

Service: 4/5

The guys at the truck were very kind and made sure I knew that the half-sandwich was an option before confirming my order. They were pretty quick making the sandwich, but still took their time to ensure a quality sandwich. Overall, I’d say this truck had the perfect ratio of wait time to quality.

Presentation: 4/5

As soon as I was handed my order, I fell in love. From the aroma misting out of the bag to the neat wax paper it was wrapped in, there wasn’t much else the staff could have done to make it look more appetizing. When I unwrapped it, I was pleased to find a very tightly constructed panini hot off the presses. It also held up while I ate it. Very good job here.

Although Fresh and Hearty doesn’t have the glitz of some of the other trucks, I appreciate the simpler culinary point of view they take. I respect a truck that lets its food do the talking, especially when it speaks volumes.


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