Frites ‘N’ Meats

The Frites N' Meats Truck, Complete with Super Cow

The Frites N’ Meats Truck, Complete with Super Cow

Highlights: Quality ingredients served with pizzazz and an impressive ordering/payment system.

Lowlights: Can be pricey and the truck can get mobbed, leading to a bit of a wait if you don’t order ahead of time.

I usually try to eat fairly healthy, but once in a while (especially when hungover at work), I need a lunchtime morale boost.  A nice burger and fries, done right, can set an afternoon on course – it just feels fun – like being at a sporting event or a backyard barbecue.  Hamburgers were always held in very high regard around my home when I was growing up, so they will always hold a special place in my heart.  They are an American staple and have endless amount of configurations to be tinkered with, allowing for each encounter to be a totally different experience than the last.

Frites’n'Meats lets you know right out of the gate what you are in store for just by their name alone.  Quality ingredients and a perfected service system has made this truck a huge favorite around my neck of the woods (FiDi), and when it comes around, the truck is consistently mobbed.

One Tasty-Lookin' Burger

One Tasty-Lookin’ Burger

Food: 4/5

Frites’n'Meats (FnM) offers grass fed Angus or wagyu beef (advertized as the “American Kobe”) as the anchors for their burgers (in addition to an Angus skirt steak sandwich – for reference’s sake).  From here you can pick from a few different buns, decide on a fancy cheese, add some bacon if it suits you, slap on a few veggies, and then finish things off with the standard condiments you would expect.  To round things out, I’m constantly tempted by their double fried Belgian style frites paired with a selection of aioli’s and sauces.

The beef, served medium by default unless otherwise specified, is juicy and tender.  I always go for the Wagyu, and I haven’t been let down yet.  Additionally, the toppings, cheese, and bun are tasty and presented with pride (I’ve seen some sad tomatoes in my day).  Having more than one bun to choose from (brioche, potato-onion, or sesame seed) is a breath of fresh air, and although I’m not a cheese connoisseur, I’m happy to be given options that intrigue me (Gruyere, goat, brie, cheddar, and blue).  Overall, it’s one of the better burgers I’ve had and I’m able to craft a different concoction each time. Depending on the week, they also feature some pretty funky specials to spice things up.  Definitely no complaints here.

The frites are served fresh, hot, and crispy in generous servings.  I usually split one with a co-worker, just enough to get a good taste.  My favorite part of the frites experience is playing with the different dipping sauces they feature. I normally get a few different ones and dunk my way around.  They aren’t mind blowing but, again, I love having the options there.

A Full-Featured Menu

A Full-Featured Menu


FnR serves its burgers stacked with as many toppings as you can muster and wraps them in a sturdy foil/paper hybrid that I believe is designed to retain heat.  The burgers are a good size, and I am always left full and satisfied.  They serve their frites in a traditional (faux) newspaper cone in generous amounts.  Everything is put within a brown bag and then topped off with a few dum-dums lolipops, making you feel like you’ve been to some kind of carnival.  The presentation here shows forethought and a dedication to quality, both of which can be lacking in the mobile food world.

Price: 4/5

A burger and fries combo, with a few customizations and added sauces, can get pricey in the 10-13 dollar range– but in my eyes, you get what you pay for and is probably enough to share.  It’s not affordable nor nutritionally advisable to eat FnM everyday, so as a once in awhile treat I think its worth the sticker for the entire experience.

Service: 5/5

FnM crushes their competition in this area.  The truck features ordering through a variety of ways, all of which are either rare or non-existent anywhere else.  You can either fill out an order card outside the truck, call in your order, or place it online.  That’s right, a food truck that accepts online orders – very convenient.  The standard system, ordering in person at the truck, involves filling out a small card with exactly with you want.  Personally, this is my favorite way to order from a truck as it puts all your options in front of you and allows for a near flawless “who ordered what and exactly how”  cooking/delivery process.  Finally, you can pay with either cash or card at the truck, something I have not seen anywhere else.




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