How it Works

We created a way to measure the quality of each food truck with a standard formula to accurately compare food trucks to one another. We break down each review into four sections. Each section is given a score between one and five, with five being the best. Each section score is then weighted based on importance. The sections are listed below with the weight in parentheses:

- – - – -

Food (4x):

This is pretty straightforward, as food quality is our most important factor. The better the food, the better the score.

Price (3x):

We gauge the price of a standard meal at each truck relative to similar options across the city.

Service (2x):

Was there a long wait? Did they miss anything in the order? Did the server have the answers to any questions asked? These are some of the factors that go into our service ranking.

Presentation (1x):

While the lowest priority on our list, we do consider the state of our food when it is served to us. Also, bonus points for a cool truck design!

- – - – -

We then average the score of each section to determine our final rating. Each truck is compared based on this 5 point scale.

The scores are, of course, just our opinions. We hope that you share your opinions (and ratings!) in the comments section below each review.