Milk Truck


The two-toned Milk Truck will catch your eye

Highlights: Awesome cheese. The ingredients played nicely off each other. My God, the pickle!

Lowlights: Lack of materials. High prices for sides.

It’s no secret that I don’t consider something a meal without meat. Even BLTs rank ‘meh’ on my satisfying repast Richter scale. I’ve been known to aggressively deride vegetarians within minutes of meeting them. If tofu is your main source of protein, I’m judging you. hard. All this considered, I was happily surprised when I made my first trip to the Milk Truck.

Truck/Service: 3/5

An orange roof makes the Milk Truck stand out from the crowd. The off-yellow body is stylized with a very organic-hipster kind of feel. The menu is big and easy to read. Ingredients and combinations seem pretty straight forward and the overall service was pretty good. It also featured one of my favorite features on a food truck: the outward-facing napkin/utensil dispenser. I know this is going to be a greasy meal; let me take the necessary precautions.

Why such a low score then? Lack of ingredients. I went in knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was going for the bacon cheddar blue. I love bacon, I love cheddar, and I love blue cheese. Even though I am a big fan of dipping (especially soup-dipping), I was ready to forgo the combo in favor of my favorite pork product. You can imagine my horror when the cashier informed me that they were out of bacon. Out of bacon! To make matters worse, they were also out of the rosemary-pullman bread the sandwich was supposed to be served on. The only reason I’m not docking more points is because I was chasing the tail end of the lunch crowd; I arrived at the truck ~2:30. Late by food truck standards. Luckily, they had a special sandwich that switched out bacon/pickles for mushrooms, and the pullman bread for sourdough. Definitely not ideal, but the server assured me that I would still enjoy it.


Beanie Service

Portion/Presentation: 3/5

The sandwich was surprisingly wide for a grilled cheese, although it wasn’t winning any awards for thickness. I also ordered a pickle for an extra buck — it was sizable as well. Presentation was your standard grilled cheese bag inside a smaller bag setup. Nothing to write home about.

Price: 2.5/5

This is my lowest score to date on price. I am a firm believer that [small] sides should never cost over 5 dollars. If you’re a grilled cheese shop you (presumably) are touting your soup as the perfect pairing to your sandwiches. This means that if I’m interested in a signature dish I have to spend ~$15 to have the full experience from your truck? For a meal that doesn’t even have meat?!? That’s a perfect example of NYC price gouging and as a loyal food truck follower I really don’t appreciate it. Adjust your side prices, Milk Truck.

Grilled Cheese Goodness

Food: 4.25/5

Now that all the complaints are out of the way, it’s time to praise Milk Truck for something they did right: the food. Needless to say when I finally sat down in Madison Square Park I was a bit agitated. I was all but ready to write this truck off. Then I took a bite. The sandwich oozed cheesy perfection as the delicate dairy inside did a delicious dance on my palate. The sautéed mushrooms and onions were cooked perfectly and added a nice depth of texture to the mix. The bread was toasted just enough to bring out the awesome flavors inside. Definitely wasn’t these guys’ first time using a panini press.
The pickle was no slouch either. Biting into it immediately threw my taste buds for a loop. The crunch factor was strong as was the vinegar that accompanied it. The inside was juicy and tasted incredibly fresh. And then the most surprising part of all hit as the spice came in. Damn, this pickle bit back! Awesome, to the point where if I saw this truck and was strapped for cash I’d stop by just to pick up a pickle or two.

Overall, although my experience at Milk Truck was varied, to put it nicely, I still thoroughly enjoyed the food they presented. I will be back to this one for sure.


**The pictures in this article are from a google-image search. The ones I took were lost in an unfortunate phone incident. Sorry guys!

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