Morris Grilled Cheese

If only all stop signs commanded us to EAT

If only all stop signs commanded us to EAT

Highlights: High quality ingredients

Lowlights: Pretty pricy for the amount of food.

I had always been weary of grilled cheese trucks. Fairly or unfairly, I always worried that the typical grilled cheese was barely enough food to fill a schoolboy, let alone a grown man. My main mistake, however, was assuming that what I received on truck was the typical grilled cheese I fry up in my apartment.

Morris Grilled Cheese is fairly unassuming in nature from the back. But the big EAT sign on the front of the truck catches your attention instantly. I’m not one to ignore a big flashy sign, so it was going to be a grilled cheese day.

What's a grilled cheese without a side of tomato soup?

What’s a grilled cheese without a side of tomato soup?

Food: 4.25/5

I mulled over the bevy of enticing options before I settled on the Beer and Brats sandwich with a side of spicy tomato bisque. The sandwich had Ale cheddar, bratwurst, pickled cucumbers, and hops aoli. They tossed the sandwich onto the Panini press and worked it hard, with several sandwiches grilling at once. I was anticipating a small sandwich, as grilled cheese shops are wont to do. And while at first glance it did seem a bit thin, the surface area was sizeable. And the sandwich wasn’t as thin as it first seemed. The cheddar was pretty delicious – it wasn’t sharp cheddar but it played nicely with the ultra-buttery bread.

The brats were sliced and didn’t really stand out compared to the other ingredients. It was nice to get a bite with brat, but the cheese and bread were the real stars here. The bread was crunch on the outside like you want your bread to be. There was a bunch of pickled cukes (would these just be pickles??? Didn’t taste like them, but color me befuddled) in the sandwich to the point that you could expect to get a cucumber in nearly every bite. They were a great addition to the sandwich and really exceeded expectations. The cheese didn’t ooze, which was kind of nice. It stayed in place and was equal throughout every bite.

As for the soup, tomato soup is not really at the top of my list of favorites. I wish they had more options, but the cup of spicy tomato bisque was it. It was creamy and had an excellent spicy kick. You couldn’t escape the kick which gave it some nice flavor. Once the soup got cold, though, it was pretty unappetizing. Make sure to finish the soup before it can cool off.


Many fancy grilled cheeses

Many fancy grilled cheeses

Price: 2.5/5

This was an expensive meal for the amount of food. The sandwich cost $9 and the small cup of soup cost $2. While the soup price was very reasonable, it is tough to justify nine bucks for a grilled cheese no matter how good it is. The soup was very small as well, so don’t expect to get a meal out of it.

Service: 3/5

The service at Morris Grilled Cheese left some things to be desired. While the people were super friendly and helpful, I do have some complaints. For starters, they didn’t have any spoons for the soup. If you’re going to sell soup, I think it’s reasonable to expect a spoon to be included with the meal. Searching the city for a spoon is no way to spend a lunch break. I’m not sure if I just caught them at a bad time or if they never have spoons, but either way you have to be prepared. To a lesser extent, I came to the truck aiming to order the Cajun sandwich that I saw on the online menu. When I got there, it was not on the menu. I love that they rotate their menu; it’s a great way to keep things fresh. Just have to keep the website in the loop.

Presentation: 3.75/5

I really liked the look of the truck, with the light up EAT sign on the side and a simple design. It was sort of kitschy and seemed very cool. The sandwich was not cut in two, which would have probably made it a bit easier to eat. You were given the sandwich in a small bag, but no bag for the soup. Just the cup it is served in.



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