Mr. Nice Guy

A "Nice" Lookin' Truck

A “Nice” Lookin’ Truck

Highlights: Tasty sliders with strong flavors and unique combinations.

Lowlights: What are these, hamburgers for ants?

Even though winter is all but arrived, NYC’s food trucks can still be found parked in the usual spots conducting business as if it was the middle of summer. A few new ones have popped up in the past month or two, including a particularly interesting burger joint called Mr Nice Guy. Can the new guy on the block roll with the food truck elite? It was time to find out.

Food: 4.25/5

Lets start by addressing the elephant in the room. These were some tiny burgers. They might have been the smallest I’ve ever seen. They’re smaller than White Castle’s offerings, which are meant to be consumed in multiples of ten. Needless to say I was skeptical at best when I opened the lunch box for the first time.

A lunchbox all my own

A lunchbox all my own

With full mix and match power in hand, I opted for a variety of different burgers. My choices included a bacon cheese, wild turkey, and pork belly. They were all phenomenal. The bacon cheese provided for a nice baseline, and included a few bites of glorious thick-cut bacon. Swapping the ketchup out for the signature sauce also proved to be the right move for my palette. The turkey was cooked perfectly, and I really enjoyed the creamy horseradish sauce. Surprisingly, the small slice of cucumber on the bottom went a long way adding texture and fresh taste to the slider. The pork was pretty interesting and flavorful. The marriage of crispy vinegar from the pickle, oily juiciness from the pork, and tangy soy based hoisin sauce may have made this my favorite of the three. I was definitely sad to see it go after a few bites.

I definitely enjoyed the fries, which were a full-flavored starchy side. They tasted akin to Burger King’s fries, but a little bit thicker and definitely less greasy. It wasn’t hard to conquer the mountain that they put in the box. They also went a long way in filling me up. This isn’t necessarily a pro for the truck, but I was happy when I walked away full.

Price: 2.75/5

Twelve dollars for three incredibly small burgers and a side of fries is by no stretch a steal. As I mentioned, I did walk away from this meal with a full stomach but be ensured, it was full of fries, not meat. This truck would improve greatly by offering normal sized sliders. If that was what I was served up, I wouldn’t feel so bad about spending 10+ on their offerings.

A healthy variety of tasty slider options

A healthy variety of tasty slider options

Service: 3.25/5

The staff of Nice Guy was very welcoming and took my order promptly. They also remembered to hand me everything I needed to enjoy the meal. Additionally, they had a warm reception to RTT which is always a plus in my book. Unfortunately, it took a little bit too long to prepare my food.

Presentation: 4/5

I enjoyed the way Nice Guy packaged up and presented me with a good old fashioned cardboard lunchbox. It’s different than what other trucks come around with, and I found it quite charming to unfold the flaps and find my food waiting for me inside.

I really liked Mr. Nice Guy and would venture to say it’s worth a second look. Their food was very tasty, but they really need to work on their portions.


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