Steaks & Crepes

Don't let its' size fool you, this cart's food packs a punch.

Don’t let its’ size fool you, this cart’s food packs a punch.

Highlights: A well-seasoned old-fashioned cheesesteak. Very tasty.

Lowlights: There were no crepes.

Thank god for Citibike. It has single-handedly allowed me to double my lunchtime food truck radius. Now, if I’m willing to risk life and limb piloting the streets of New York for a sandwich, I want the payoff to be worth it.

Here at Rate That Truck, our priorities are clear: deliver the latest reviews to you the reader, at any cost. Even if that means losing a limb in the process.

I found myself at another midtown hotspot last Thursday: 47th and Park. Although I saw a plethora of interesting new trucks, I decided to seek out one I’d been meaning to try for a while: Steaks and Crepes. This cart did not disappoint.

Steaks and Crepes' well-wrapped well-seasoned steak & fries

Steaks and Crepes’ well-wrapped well-seasoned steak & fries

Food: 4/5

I went into this meal unsure of what I was going to get exactly. It had been a while since I had a crepe of any sort, so I was kind of leaning in that direction. Much to my chagrin, when I arrived and looked at the menu, there were no crepes to be found. Although I found this a bit disappointing, I was quickly coaxed into having one of my favorite dishes, a cheesesteak.

The staff recommended the mushroom, so that’s what I went with. For another buck, it was an easy choice to also turn it into a meal. I opted for American cheese and grilled onions, as I loathe cheese whiz.

The cheesesteak was awesome. The steak itself was shredded to perfection and seasoned very well. Each bite ended on a delicious peppery note. The bread was soft and the exact kind you’d expect a cheesesteak to be served on. The American cheese and melt-in-your-mouth onions came through on every bite, and the mushrooms added a nice chewy texture to the sandwich. The fries were almost identical to McDonald’s fries, to the point where I really think they just stole a bag out of a McDonald’s delivery truck. Since I love McDonald’s fries, this was a plus in my book.

Price: 3.75/5

This cart was reasonably priced [9 bucks for a relatively large sandwich], but what put it over the edge was the deal they had on the meal. For just another dollar, you can get a sizable amount of fries as well as a drink. To me, this was an obvious choice and I’d say if you ever make a trip out you should opt for it as well.

Where's the Crepes??

Where’s the Crepes??

Service: 4/5

The guys at this cart were very friendly and quick to recommend a steak. I told them I had to run to grab something, and they were happy to hold my meal until I returned. When I did, my food was hot, packed up and ready to go.

Presentation: 4/5

The cheesesteak was wrapped once in wax paper then again in foil. This did a good job of sealing in all the flavor, and keeping it relatively clean. The fries were also wrapped, which helped to avoid any in-bag spillage. Unwrapping my food got my mouth watering and anxiously anticipating the meal. Another good job here.

Although this is our first cheesesteak truck review, I believe the other guys have their work cut out for them unseating steaks and crepes.


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