Taco Bite

The bright blue of Taco Bite stands out from other trucks

Highlights: Al pastor taco, great options, lots of sauces

Lowlights: Waited forever to get food. They couldn’t handle demand.

Taco trucks are all the rage these days on the streets of New York. It seems like taco trucks are a dime a dozen, and if any taco truck wants to stand out they need to do something extremely better than the rest. There were two ways that taco bite did stand out – but not all for the better.

Food: 4/5

I had 3 tacos – the Al Pastor, the Carne Enchilada, and the Carne Esada. While there were a few fatty pieces of steak, overall it was well-cooked and succulent. Plenty of taco trucks skimp on the shell, but not Taco Bite. All of my tacos were soft shell and the shell had a nice texture to it. The sauce was hot. Very hot. I wouldn’t get the Picante Rojo sauce unless you have a very high tolerance for spice. But if you do, it was fantastic. A sauce can make or break a taco, so for taco bite the sauce really elevated the meal.

The many options at Taco Bite

The Al Pastor taco was the crown jewel of this menu. Pork marinated in enchilada sauce and covered with grilled pineapple, the al pastor was bursting with flavor. I covered it in mango bite sauce, and it was the perfect complement. If you are making a stop at taco bite, get the al pastor.

Truck/Service: 1/5

I’ll start this section with the disclaimer that it was the lunch time rush, so crowds are to be expected. However, Taco Bite needs to do a much better job at getting food in and out at a quicker pace. I waited 40 minutes for food. Forty! Many people don’t even have that long of a lunch break. The line was extremely long, and since they take orders rather than pump the food in and out, there was a mass of people huddled on the sidewalk waiting for their name to be called. Those who were called acted like a kid on Christmas morning.

Waiting that long for any type of food is going to put a damper on a meal. I would skip Taco Bite next time it is in my area, mainly because I don’t have that much time to spare on my break. You can’t chalk this up to the perils of the “lunch rush”, because that is when these trucks make their living.

That being said, the guy behind the counter was extremely nice and even warned me about the hotness of the sauce I ordered.

The bright blue truck pops among the other trucks parked along 38th street. The menu was large and situated right next to the counter, so unless there is a massive line you can easily prepare your order beforehand.

Price: 4/5

Each taco is $3 and comes loaded with lot of toppings. The tacos are sizable too so you definitely get your money’s worth. It is going to be tough to find a better deal on truck tacos in Manhattan. Burritos are $6-$7 as well.

Portion/Presentation: 4/5

They packed the meat on each taco and went hard on the toppings (be sure to get it loaded). The inclusion of limes as an accoutrement was a nice touch, as it was nice to have the option of squeezing lime juice on to my tacos. I bought 3 tacos, and I probably could have been fine with two. That is a nice portion. Nicely laid out and easy to eat too.

It’s a real shame the wait was so long, because this was a fantastic taco.



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  1. Nestor says:

    Super delish!!! Best Tacos I’ve ever had.

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