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Mr. Nice Guy

Highlights: Tasty sliders with strong flavors and unique combinations.

Lowlights: What are these, hamburgers for ants?

Even though winter is all but arrived, NYC’s food trucks can still be found parked in the usual spots conducting business as if it …

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Fresh And Hearty

Highlights: Nice, hearty bites of chicken in the panini. Powerful flavors throughout.

Lowlights: Soup was relatively average.

It seems like nowadays there is an abundance of trucks trying to push the latest in trendy fusion cuisine, serving up crazy takes …

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Go Burger

Highlights: The Go Burger Sauce was delicious

Lowlights: Burger was on the smaller side

While we love all the interesting and original options on food trucks across the city, sometimes you just want your standard All-American Burger and Fries for …

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Toast Monster

Highlights: Sloppy joe was rich, meaty, and flavorful

Lowlights: Slow line, improper ingredient allocation, and infuriatingly small side portions.

On my first return trip to self-proclaimed uptown food truck oasis (50th between 6th and 7th), I had my sites set …

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Wing’n It

Highlights: Wide array of sauces, delicious chicken, the tater tots were sublime.

Lowlights: Plain bun, needed a fork

Wing’n It is a new chicken truck that recently hit the road this summer. And New Yorkers will be happy they are …

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Milk Truck

Highlights: Awesome cheese. The ingredients played nicely off each other. My God, the pickle!

Lowlights: Lack of materials. High prices for sides.

It’s no secret that I don’t consider something a meal without meat. Even BLTs rank ‘meh’ on my …

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