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Madison Square Eats: Mayhem & Stout/Macaron Parlour

Highlights: Delicious well-balanced sandwich

Lowlights: Market prices

Determined to catch at least a brief glimpse of this year’s installment of Madison Square Eats, I finally made the trip down to Flatiron to patronize the popular outdoor food fair. I was …

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Mamak Rendang Stew

Highlights: Lots of different things on the plate. Strong flavors all around.

Lowlights: A little bit skimpy on the meat.

It’s pretty rare that I head out into the world of food trucks not knowing what I’m getting myself into. …

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BobJo Korean Fusion

Highlights: Ratios. Well balanced sandwich with a lot to offer.

Lowlights: Got real messy at the end.

Here at Rate That Truck, we’re no strangers to the delightful draw of Korean cuisine. What started with a few high school trips …

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