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Winners Shine at the 2013 Seamless Craved Awards

Everyone knows Seamless as a haven for hungry workers looking for a tasty lunch delivered to their door. Seamless has a yearly “eater’s choice” award ceremony for restaurants in the NYC and DC metro areas. Users nominate and voted on …

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Mr. Nice Guy

Highlights: Tasty sliders with strong flavors and unique combinations.

Lowlights: What are these, hamburgers for ants?

Even though winter is all but arrived, NYC’s food trucks can still be found parked in the usual spots conducting business as if it …

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Madison Square Eats: AsiaDog

Highlights: Juicy burger with tasty toppings.

Lowlights: Burger was small.

Twice a year Madison Square Eats pops up in Flatiron and sucks me in. Navigating the multitude of options is an effort of mass proportions. It’s pretty much impossible to …

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RTT On The Road: Vernalicious (Philadelphia)

Highlights: Powerful and fresh flavors that had me floored.

Lowlights: It’s in Philadelphia!

A recent trip to Philadelphia for the Made in America Festival inadvertently led me to the middle of the Philly food truck scene. Thousands of music aficionados …

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Go Burger

Highlights: The Go Burger Sauce was delicious

Lowlights: Burger was on the smaller side

While we love all the interesting and original options on food trucks across the city, sometimes you just want your standard All-American Burger and Fries for …

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Supreme Burger/Rhong-Tiam

Highlights: Toppings galore. A lot different from other trucks’ offerings.

Lowlights: Actual beef patty was a bit overcooked. Price.

Burgers are all the rage nowadays. It’s hard to walk down the street without seeing tons of different chic restaurants promising …

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