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Fresh And Hearty

Highlights: Nice, hearty bites of chicken in the panini. Powerful flavors throughout.

Lowlights: Soup was relatively average.

It seems like nowadays there is an abundance of trucks trying to push the latest in trendy fusion cuisine, serving up crazy takes …

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Schnitzel & Things

Highlights: Original menu options for a food truck.

Lowlights: So little sauce for such a big schnitzel. No one wants a dry schnitzel.

Ever since my first trip to Bavaria I have had a soft spot in my heart for …

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Wing’n It

Highlights: Wide array of sauces, delicious chicken, the tater tots were sublime.

Lowlights: Plain bun, needed a fork

Wing’n It is a new chicken truck that recently hit the road this summer. And New Yorkers will be happy they are …

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