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Broadway Bites: Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue

Highlights: Extensive menu with many interesting Korean BBQ options

Lowlights: There was no rice in the burrito. This was a wrap masquerading as a burrito.

When I first heard there was a new Korean BBQ Burrito place that was slinging …

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Madison Square Eats: AsiaDog

Highlights: Juicy burger with tasty toppings.

Lowlights: Burger was small.

Twice a year Madison Square Eats pops up in Flatiron and sucks me in. Navigating the multitude of options is an effort of mass proportions. It’s pretty much impossible to …

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Korilla BBQ

Highlights: Full of flavor and very original.

Lowlights: Occasionally run out of ingredients.

It’s not often you hear the term “life-changing burrito.” And I’m not one to abuse hyperbole, but in this instance it’s warranted – Korilla’s burritos truly are …

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Supreme Burger/Rhong-Tiam

Highlights: Toppings galore. A lot different from other trucks’ offerings.

Lowlights: Actual beef patty was a bit overcooked. Price.

Burgers are all the rage nowadays. It’s hard to walk down the street without seeing tons of different chic restaurants promising …

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