Wing’n It

Dazzling design was one of my favorites

Dazzling design was one of my favorites

Highlights: Wide array of sauces, delicious chicken, the tater tots were sublime.

Lowlights: Plain bun, needed a fork

Wing’n It is a new chicken truck that recently hit the road this summer. And New Yorkers will be happy they are here. With a wide selection wings, sauces, and chicken sandwiches, Wing’n It went from a mystery truck to a pleasant surprise in the span of one meal.

Food: 4.5/5

Wing’n It is, unsurprisingly, known for its wings. But they offer more than just your traditional buffalo wings. With a health-conscious theme, along with fried you can get your wings grilled, baked, or steamed (though the steamed option wasn’t available when I was there, around 1:30 pm).  With seven different sauces to choose from, this chicken is a far cry from your typical buffalo wing.

Planning to save the wings for another day, I got the Pulled Chicken sandwich, aptly named “Pull’N It Chix”, and a side of tater tots. Mac & Cheese and Fried Rice were also available as a side. I got the Honey Chipotle sauce, which had the perfect level of hotness. It had a nice kick to it but was not overwhelming. The sandwich was just the chicken, sauce and bun – no distractions. The bun was pretty standard and would be my only qualm with the meal. The fact that the bun was toasted was a nice touch.

The tots were fantastic. They make the tater tots fresh, so there will always be a 5 minute wait for them. It is worth it. They were crispy with a nice glaze, and were a great sidekick to the pulled chicken. They give a small bowl of chipotle mayo sauce to dip the tots in as well, which was also great. This side brought the meal to the next level. I’ll be back to try the wings and some of their other sauces soon.

Solid Sandwich with awesome sides

Solid Sandwich with awesome sides

Price: 3.75/5

The wings cost anywhere from $6 for a half dozen to $21 for 2 dozen. Roughly, it comes out to a buck a wing. They looked meaty, but this is a pretty average price for wings. The chicken sandwich, however, was only $6, which is a very good value for the size of the sandwich. They also offer dynamic pricing for the sides – only $1.50 if you get them with a meal, but $3.50 on their own. This type of creative pricing is appreciated when you are trying to add some variety to your meal.

A wide array of sauces for your chicken

A wide array of sauces for your chicken

Service: 4/5

The first thing that struck me about Wing’n it was the friendliness of the staff. Since I hadn’t seen them around, I had a few questions. They were more than happy to answer all of my questions, and even ask for some feedback. The server gave me an overview of the sauces so I could make an informed decision before I ordered – with a list like this, I had to get some insight on each sauce. They gave me a friendly warning about the hotness of the honey chipotle sauce, which is always appreciated. I knew what I was getting into. The wait time was short as well. The lose a point for failing to include a fork so I could easily scoop up the chicken that fell out of the sandwich without having to use my hands. They included several wet-naps though, which was great to clean my saucy hands.

Presentation: 3.5/5

It was a sizable sandwich and lots of tots. I was stuffed after the meal. It gets a bit messy of course, but it’s served in a big Styrofoam box so it’s easy to catch everything you drop. The truck has a fun design that will surely catch your eye as you walk down the street.





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